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Bills Cut Trent Edwards

Trent Edwards has been cut from the Buffalo Bills Squad. As far as I know, it appears the the Buffalo Bills Front office has decided to go it with only 2 quarterbacks for the time being.  Should they pick up 3rd?
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Posted on: September 7, 2009 11:17 pm
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Offensive Coordinators

Offensive Coordinators are a hottopic recently.  
Three teams have fired their Offensive Coordinators in the last 2 weeks.   

The Chiefs first pulled the plug on Chan Gailey.  He only had 1 year to put something into place which is unfair to any Offensive coordinator.  It takes more than just a few games for players to become aligned with a new offensive scheme. 

The Buccaneers then pulled the plug on Jeff Jagodzinski.  They hired him just 9 months earlier to try and stop the bleeding after Jon Gruden announced he was leaving.  Some wonder if it was just too soon to hire a person for that job and not look into the other options.  I wonder if if he still thinks trying out for an NFL coaching position while trying to keep his job at BC was still a prudent decision.  In his case, he had 9 months to show his intellect, was it fair that he only got 9 months?  He didn't actually coach during a regular season game. I think in this case, the Bucs realized that they made a decision too early and decided it was time to change directions before they had to give him the usual 2 year minimal rotation at OC. 
I have been told that things happen in three's.  

The Bills have taken it upon themselves to fire Turk Schonert.  He was the offensive coordinator for the past 2 years.  He brought several things to the team that other OC's did not.  He wanted to use the Wildcat offense and he wanted to use oldschool playcalling.  He took over from Steven Fairchild after he decided to go to Colorado State University.  The firing of any of the coaches with 10 days before the regular season starting is a serious manuver.  We dont know what type of message they are trying to send but its obvious that Turk wasn't getting the Job done in the preseason.  He is quoted as sayingHe limited me in formations and limited me in plays. He's been on my back all off-season. - Turk SchonertSounds like a man just grabbing for excuses.  Who knows what the future holds for the Buffalo Bills.   I can tell you that changing the offensive coordinator every 2 years doesnt help any team.  Again, it takes players more than just one season to become one with the new offensive structure each OC brings.  
We were just getting the impression that because of the TO signing and other offensive tuning that the Bills were becoming a team that were hungry for playoffs.  To look at it for just a firing of a coach, the Bills look to be sending a contridictory message.  This could be the sign of the bills throwing in the towell and calling this a rebuilding year again.  

It is possible, however, that the message is interpreted incorretly.  It might mean better things are on the horizon.  More than just a sideline quick toss for a 3 yard loss.  I'm talking about  things that we dont expect.  Uses of all types of offenses, watching the defensive lines and giving a new call mid hike, or plays being calling from the field.  No signs to be intercepted by Bill Belicheat er i mean Belichek.  This might be the edge of surprise that the Buffalo Bills need to fight off the other 3 teams in the division.  This could be a brilliant strategic move. 

I am hoping that it is the Later, aren't you?
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7 days till Regular Season

Greetings Football fans,

It has been a while since I wrote so I have quite a few things to talk about.  

Terrell Owens

TO has obiviously signed with the Buffalo Bills for 1 year.  Many people have varying thoughts on the outcome of this contract.  My thoughts  on this revolve around one fact that is absolutely 100% true.  His presence on the field will pull off the double coverage that Lee Evans has been facing for the last 3 years.  This means more passes to Evans which in turn means more yards.  Even if TO doesnt work out, it is one more threat we didnt have last year.  If he does work out, we'll have two additional threats.

Michael Vick   

Vick was turned down by so many teams due to the intense hatred for his pergury and acts with Dogs.  Would I be happy if the Bills picked him up?  Absolutely.  Here's the reasoning.  We would have been better with him, than without him.  Regardless of people deserving second chances, he is still one of the most athletic quarterbacks in football today.  Who better to back up Trent Edwards and to help push him to another level of play.  Regardless of his past, his abilities can help better football teams.  This is the reason why the Eagles got him.  They were willing to pay a little more than others to have that athletic ability.

Aaron Maybin 

Yes we all know he finally signed.  He actually played a bit in the final preseason games.  Solid Defensive Ends are almost impossible to obtain, train and retain.  He was obtained with the contract he just signed.  He will be trained over the next year, and then when he becomes the best in the game at his position, he will be tough to retain.  I have full thoughts on how amazing he will be, I just hope he has those days in Buffalo and not somewhere else.

Eric Wood 

The most underestimated Draft pick in the first round.  Hands down this kids athletic ability puts him so far above his class it was incredible he didnt go sooner.  Wood's ability to manuver and rotate at Guard during the NFL combine was what made me pick him out of a crowd.  With training, I think he could become a Right or Left Tackle almost 2 to 3 times better than Jason Peters.  What people dont see is Jason Peters had trouble making it through games due to fatigue.  Eric wont have this problem.  But as it is, He's the best Guard we have on the team even though hes a rookie.

Marshawn Lynch

Three game suspension for this bright or not so bright guy.  First he gets fined for a Hit and Run.  Then he gets caught with drugs and a loaded Gun in California.  Marshawn, intervention time.  You are not only hurting yourself, but you are hurting the team.  We had to pick up Dominic Rhodes to help replace you in the 3 absent weeks you'll be gone.  Please keep your speed for the three weeks you'll be out, because when your back, I expect to see you running through brick walls in 'Beast Mode'.

Dominic Rhodes

I understand the idea of bringing in this guy to help take over the load and make him another back up while Lynch is out.  Freddie  Jackson and Xavier Omon are two of the greatest backs to have there while Lynch is out and adding a veteran to the ranks isnt always a bad thing.  As most people should know by now, Dominic Rhodes was cut on Saturday.  It is obivious that Dick Jauron have more of a belief in Xavier than they did before.  Also Rhodes in the preseason didnt do so well.  We don't know if it is his knowledge of the playbook or his age that is holding him back but it was obvious he was not doing so well.  Cutting him was the smart move.

Xavier Omon

Xavier Omon is a stunner of a backup.  This guy never got the time of day last year but this year he will get three games to shine.  This is his chance to prove what he has is real.  I hope he shows up and destroys all expectations.

Next Post: Turk Schonert
Posted on: October 13, 2008 12:09 pm

Buffalo Bills Bid for Tony Gonzalez

There has been breaking news that Kansas City wants to trade Tony Gonzalez before the deadline.

Rumors are that Buffalo has the highest bid so far. We will see how it plays out.

Buffalo could use another solid receiving threat and Tony could fill that void no problem. Regardless of what is going on right now, we will hear shortly where he goes.

Posted on: September 28, 2008 10:29 am

Buffalo Bills vs. St. Louis Rams Preview

Buffalo has been talking of a 4-0 start all week.  They might be getting ahead of themselves but I have to admit, I'm one of the many saying it.  I just hope that the players aren't saying it.

Buffalo had been working on their line in hopes that they can stop Steven Jackson.  Steven has not had a chance to run no-thanks to his coaching staff.  This guy can run and they have Marc Bulger tossing the ball to a double/triple teamed Tory Holt.  They have 1 receiver and 1 running back that are even worth talking about.  News broke the scene this week when the $65 Million Marc Bulger was benched for his back up Trent Green.  Trent Green Has been known to use his runningbacks.  He lets them run and run and run.  This could be a serious problem for Buffalo. 

Buffalo has been preparing for the Marc Bulger that tosses the ball for the incompletion.  Now they have to change their strategy to watching for the Steven Jackson Breakout.  Trent Green who gets paid a pittance of what Marc Bulger gets paid.  Trent is going to have this team a win in no time.  Lets just hope not this week!

I have a few questions:
1.)    Why dont you use steven jackson?  I mean, he's a proven asset.
2.)    Why do you pay Marc Bulger 65 mil?  Thats more than Tom Brady

My prediction:
With the Rams lacking Defense look for the Bills to have a decent scoring game.  The only thing on Rams team that scares me at all is Steven Jackson. 

Buffalo Bills : 27
St. Louis rams : 17
Posted on: September 28, 2008 10:12 am

Buffalo Bills Week 3 Assesment

Oakland Raiders Vs. Buffalo Bills

This turned out to be quite a close game.

The Raiders dominated the entire first half.  They came out swinging to a Semi over confident Buffalo team.  Their Defense was solid and really held the Lynch Jackson tandem.  Darren McFadden looked pretty good even with Turf Toe.  He showed that even an injury cant hold him down.  Bills were down 17 points at one point.

The last 8 minutes of the game were what every.bills fan had hoped for.  Absolute Buffalo Bills Dominance. Trent Edwards Had a 96 yard drive for a touchdown.  Marshawn and Trent lead the team to fantastic victory by coming from behind and kicking a field goal in the last 3 seconds of the game. 

2 fatal flaws of the Raiders that would have increased their chances at winning the game.

1.) Why did you change your defensive strategy in the second half?  You were doing so great and in the second half you just opened the door for Buffalo to take over.  If it's not broken don't fix it!  I'm not complaining, I would like to truly thank each and everyone of you for making it possible.

2.) The time outs at the end of the game.  Why why why didn't you use them?  I am not trying to tell you how to run your game but if I were in your position and the clock was ticking like that, I wouldn't still have 2 time outs at the end of regulation.  Freeze the kicker or help so that at least you get a kick return to try to win the game.  I have to say it didn't seem like they cared enough to call them. 

Buffalo, yet again you amaze me.  Im glad to be a fan and look forward to next week. 

Posted on: September 18, 2008 11:29 pm

Buffalo Bills Vs. Oakland Raiders

Week 3 preview.

Buffalo Bills have become threats across the board in Running, Receiving and Passing. They showed vulnerability when an onside kick took some of the wind out of their sales. The Defensive Line just needed some positive reinforcement. After a great few plays they were back in it. It was apparent that the mood of the players has a direct effect on their play.

On possible performances for running, look to Marshawn Lynch to definitely have over 100 yards in rushing and Fred Jackson to have a better game than he did the last. Oakland's run Defense looked great last week But I guess anything looks good when your playing the Chiefs. Even so, this could definitely hinder the run game. I expect that with this better D-line, this could change Buffalo's plan. Look to Buffalo to Pass the ball more to take advantage of a weak secondary. We've seen it before with better teams. Roscoe, Hardy, and Evans can smoke anyone in a speed race.

Buffalo gets a break this week with Darren McFadden having some troubles. On Wednesday this week he was walking with a casted Boot to not interfere with the healing process. If he isn't back on Sunday, buffalo will get a great break. Even though, don't discount Justin Fargas. He showed us in week 1 that he was a great Running back and could weave through competition when he went just under 100 yards against a tough Denver Defense. If his groin injury clears up he will be fierce competition. Buffalo will need to hold the line when it comes to the running game.

Oakland's Passing game has been awful up until this point. It wont be hard for Buffalo's fantastic Secondary to cover them.

My prediction :

Buffalo Bills 30

Oakland Raiders 10

Posted on: September 18, 2008 12:18 am

The Running Game

Watching the running game this year for the Buffalo Bills has been quite amazing. It's quite astonishing how much Fred Jackson's style of running has matured over the last few years. Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson are creating quite a tandem that could rival if not outperform most other teams.

Theres not much needed to say about Marshawn. Watching Marshawn Lynch takes me back to the early 90's when Thurman was penetrating and running circles around every defensive line in the league. I can say that most teams were worried everytime they had to cross his path. It's incredible how this guy is able to break out of any tackle and is able to push through walls of defenders and just keep pushing. His legs are like pistons that cant be stopped. It's a beautiful sight to behold.

Fred Jackson has grown into an amazing Running back who's ability has grown from a third-string Running back to a solid number 2. His running makes us believe he was better than Willis McGahee any day of the week. His numbers this week are already better than his previous years. This goes to show you the amount of effort hes put in the off-season and how ready he was when practice started.

Xavier Omon was picked up this year by the Bills in the Draft. He came from a Division II school, but dont let that fool you. This guy broke every record in the book while he was there. This guy has potential to grow into a Marion Barber.

In the off-season we lost a few players. Anthony Thomas (A-Train) was hurt during the season and was replaced by Fred Jackson; hence Jackson got more of a chance to prove himself. Thomas was let go in February by the Bills Organization. Dwayne Wright was let go after a bad performance in the preseason. He was given his last chance in Game 4 of the preseason and fumbled the ball in the endzone. I will say, he is a great running back who has the ability to truly shift with the holes in the D-line, but if you cant hold on to the ball, your value plummets. Bruce Hall and Jonathan Evans were also let go.

Look to see Jackson grow. It's possible that if he keeps his level of play increasing like it has, he will be looking at more and more playing time. If by chance a problem occurs and Xavier is called upon to play a Drastic increase of downs, look for a Ryan Grant type of break out. These kids have the goods, and were just waiting to see it.

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